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Its really enjoyable to have some drinks, especially a cup of hot milk in such cold day. I like to take my laptop to the bed and watch movie until falling asleep. Its so comfortable in the cold day to stay in bed watching favorite movie while drinking milk. Suddenly, I turned my leg to the desk. Alas, the milk spit out and quickly spread to the keyboard and the quilt. I jumped up and had the computer sinking in the quilt. I had to dry the keyboard. Finally, I gave up. I brought my computer to the repair store. But, the Gateway M460 AC Adapter is OK.

For many office ladies or gentlemen, its convenient and healthy to have some tea or other drinks while working. Usually we lay a cup of drinks next to the computer. Attention! You may knock over the cup by accident. The liquid will be happy to conquer your keyboard sinking inside the computer. Its a disaster once your cup is knocked over. Like Gateway ADP-65DB AC Adapter, they are closed. The water cant flow inside. But the keyboard and the screen, they are easy to be destroyed by liquid, especially the hot drinks. I believe you will cry when youre told to spend 60 dollars to change a new keyboard or more money for a motherboard. This is not threatening.

If youre stubbornly insist on laying a cup of drinks beside you, you can lay it at the lower place than a laptop. The best way is to put it far away from your laptop. Computer users always forget to keep this tip in mind. And I am one of those careless persons. Yesterday I had my Original 239704-001 AC Adapter out of work.

Its not a big task to have your laptop in a good condition. What we should do is to treat it as precious as it s a new computer. in addition, its essential component in our daily life. Not like car, it takes few money to maintain it. once it has in trouble, you will cry for it.

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