Healthy Drink Options for Toddlers

healthy drinksWhat are healthy drink options for toddlers?

During their growth, babies need water not only for hydration, but to help develop their kidneys. Pediatricians note that babies’ kidneys need more water to move waste through their bodies.  This is especially true when their diet begins to incorporate solid foods instead of just drinking milk and/or formula.  To keep your baby properly hydrated after six months, consider adding some of these healthy drinks to their diet.

Here are 5 healthy drink options for toddlers

-Healthy drink option N.1: Water

Water is one of the best things you can give your baby.  It quenches thirst, provides for hydration, and it doesn’t add any unnecessary sugars to their body.  No matter if you use tap, bottled, or spring water, it is best to boil the water before serving it to your baby.  Use boiled water in your ice cubes, too, if you’re chilling the water before serving it to your baby.

-Healthy drink option N.2:Apple juice

Apple juice is a healthy drink option for babies, although you don’t want to serve them a lot of it.  Too much can add to tooth decay or possibly add too much acid into their system.  (That’s why you should avoid the citrusy juices.)  However, apple juice is high in natural sugar and easy for a baby to digest.  Don’t serve the juice full strength, though.  Rather do a one part juice to three parts water dilution.

-Healthy drink option N.3: Milk

Milk is full of vitamins, iron and other nutrients.  Keep it simple and watch for any allergic reactions.  Until babies are older—past nine months—avoid giving them anything other than cow’s milk, like sheep, goat, or soy milk.

-Healthy drink option N.4:Green smoothies

Green smoothies are a nutritional health rage for babies and infants.  Combine various fruits, vegetables, and waters into a yummy smoothie that is easily and quickly absorbed into baby’s system.  Use spinach, kale, lettuce, and mix with fruits like apples, bananas, or peaches for a drink that will have your baby banging his/her sippy cup for more.

-Healthy drink option N.5:Yogurt Smoothies

Yogurt smoothies are another healthy drink that will go over well with your baby.  Combine carrots, apples, non-fat yogurt, and water in a blender for a vitamin-filled drink.

Recommendations when giving healthy drink options for toddlers

Avoid giving your baby more than one healthy drink juice other than formula per day.  You’ll want to serve any additional water or drink in a sippy cup instead of a bottle.  Keep that for formula.  Also, pediatricians and nutritionists advise not to give your baby juice prior to going to bed.

One more piece of advice for those who have kids to deal with that are a little bit grown up from the toddler stage:   Healthy drinks for kids

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