A Healthy Drink Alternative: Buttermilk

healthy drink alternativeButtermilk is A Healthy Drink Alternative Described in Ayurveda

Buttermilk does not cause heaviness when consumed. Hence it is known to have the quality “laghu”. It gets digested quickly and easily. Buttermilk is often sour in taste and is used as an astringent. Owing to this property buttermilk aids in lessening pores as a result of acne and pimples. It diminishes the hyper mobility of intestines when having diarrhea. This beverage also aids in shrinking hemorrhoids. Severe kapha and vata are diminished thanks to buttermilk. It is the one of the best healthy drink alternative you can find. Ayurveda teaches us that it diminishes bloating of the abdomen, as well as easing the effect of hemorrhoids, relaxes intestines in abs and aids in indigestion. It also diminishes the reaction to poison and is very powerful in symptoms of anemia.

Buttermilk cleanses body and detoxes the intestines, gives some relief to constipation and aids in replenishing the flora of the intestines. It possesses less fat as compared to milk and is full of calcium, potassium and vitamin B12.

How to Prepare this Healthy Drink Alternative called Buttermilk:

A thick curd is supposed to be whipped to separate butter. The liquid part that is obtained after separating the butter is named as buttermilk or “takra”. Once this butter milk is mixed together with water, it is called by the name of “sajala takra”. The moment the buttermilk is utilized without adding water to it, it is named “nirjala takra”.

How to make a Healthy drink alternative out of buttermilk:

Mix half a glass of buttermilk to half a glass of water. Stir it well. Add a pinch of salt, half a tea spoon of ginger juice and squeeze half a lime to it. Then garnish the whole thing with coriander leaves. This gives relief to the sense of thirst, diminishes nausea and vomiting.

Home Healthy drink alternatives using buttermilk

1. Mix a pinch of salt half a tea spoon of ginger juice and crushed cumin seeds to a glass of buttermilk. This helps to relieve acidity, constipation and symptoms of piles.
2. Add a pinch of salt, a tea spoon of sugar to a glass of butter milk diluted with water. This is very good for re-hydrating when suffering from diarrhea and dehydration. It gives instant energy and diminishes the frequency of stools.
3. It is a healthy drink alternative for those who suffer from obesity, piles and inflamed colon or abs.
4. Massage a mix of buttermilk and salt on pores that appear on the skin thanks to acne and pimples. Then wash it off with Luke-warm water and again rinse with cold water. This aids in diminishing the pores.
5. Regular consumption of buttermilk helps strengthens the digestive system and isolates it from infections.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the healthy drink alternative called buttermilk together with its multiple qualities and benefits.

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